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Choose the Autoworld subscription plan that fits your needs

As one of the few in the market we do not charge sales commissions. We have composed several monthly subscription plans so that you can easily choose the one that suits you best. Pay attention to the package of benefits that you get when you buy a subscription with us.


Standard package

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Optimum package


Premium Package



Business card
Your workshop

1000 zł

Net price

Annual fee
for maintaining the business card

500 zł

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No subscription

You do not need to have an Autoworld subscription
to add your own ad.
The cost of one ad is only

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Your ad will be visible for 60 days.

With subscription

The annual subscription where you can add X vehicle sales ads is a cost
400 zł

Net price

Do you drive a second-hand car?
Do you import vehicles from abroad?

Announcements as part of the annual
subscription fees are definitely cheaper!
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Not sure which package to choose?
Ask your advisor!

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